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From the heart of Europe to the heart of African traditions.

VEBA fabrics will elevate all your everyday and festive events. 
Turn heads when you wear our VEBA Salsa, Dominance and Coup de Coeur brocades and voiles. 
Top quality since 1856. 
Become part of the VEBA family and be irresistible!

Our Fabrics

Veba Salsa

Brilliant colours, exceptional shine, pleasant touch.

Veba Gold

Optimal breathability with an incredible shine.

Veba Dominance

Multi-coloured woven brocade. An ideal choice for your special occasions.

Veba Coup de Coeur

Double effect brocade. The first pattern is woven while the second is printed on the fabric using a digital printer. This creates striking combinations which are mainly intended for women.


Elegant, translucent and flowing fabrics ideal for warm weather.

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Quality Assurance

VEBA uses the finest Egyptian cotton yarns in order to produce top quality fabrics. The entire production process takes place exclusively in our own factories. We can therefore supervise production from the very beginning (pattern design, weaving) till the end (dyeing, finishing). In addition to perfect visual qualities such as exquisite patterns and an exceptional shine, VEBA fabrics also have practical properties, such as breathability and keeping their shape and brightness even after several washes. 

Loving what we do, respecting our partners and constantly innovating has made VEBA the number one brocade brand on the West African market and beyond.